Showing the confusion redundancy can bring

5. Our Redundancy Solicitors Advise you not to take it Personally

Our redundancy solicitors advise that a difficult, but essential, step to overcome redundancy is acknowledging that the redundancy decision isn’t personal. A big part of this process is understanding why redundancies are happening.

Firstly, you have to remember that being made redundant in the current climate will not reflect poorly on you at all. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has swept the world, causing the UK population to go into lockdown from the 23rd of March for the foreseeable future. Therefore, inevitability has had an unprecedented effect on the vast majority of UK businesses. Many companies have cut costs to keep themselves afloat. In contrast, a staggering 25% of UK businesses have had to close for good.

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4. Our Redundancy Solicitors Recommend to let the job Search Begin

Searching for a new job can be scary, although it can act as a distraction from the redundancy and help put you in a positive frame of mind. However, for some people who were made redundant, they may not have needed to search for jobs for some time. Therefore, our redundancy solicitors advise that to set yourself up for success; it’s essential to ensure that you consider factors such as your CV being entirely up to date.

Furthermore, it’s great to be determined to bounce back and get a new role. Yet, our redundancy solicitors recommend that you take regular breaks. Spending too much time on applying for new jobs can exhaust you and lead to mistakes. Sending out fewer applications a day done to the best of your ability will result in more interest from future employers.

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Looking to your future potential

2. Leave Redundancy in the past

A crucial thing to keep in mind is to be forward-thinking in a time like this and try to see the redundancy process as a reset button. You can take this time to reassess both your career and life goals. For some people, being made redundant is an opportunity to start a new journey, especially if your previous job made you feel stressed and demotivated.

Discussing your ideas and options with your family and friends can be a good idea as these are the people who know you best and may help with your decision. Furthermore, it’s also a good idea to talk to an outsider about your potential career ideas. An outsider can provide impartial advice which may help you create more achievable goals.

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