Lady who has got a publication injunction against someone who was posting harmful content about her on social media

What are the two different types of injunctions?

There are numerous types of injunctions. However, there are two general categories, which are:

  1. Prohibitory injunctions order a party to refrain from doing a particular act or acts.

An example is a court order that prevents a party from posting content on social media platforms about the other party.

  1. Mandatory injunctions are a court order that requires a party to do something.

An example is the court ordering the defendant to pay the claimant compensation for any loss faced.

How long does it take to get an injunction?

It typically takes 1-2 weeks to schedule the final hearing and get a final injunction. 

However, in a circumstance where you’re at immediate risk of significant harm, the judge will grant an interim injunction immidiatley in the first hearing. But, you will still have to wait 1-2 weeks to get the final injunction, which is a more permanent solution.

How long does an injunction last?

An injunction can be both interim or final.

An interim injunction is a protective measure the judge will grant to protect the claimant until the final hearing. Therefore, it only lasts for a few days or weeks, depending on how long it takes to schedule the final hearing.

In the final hearing, the judge can grant a final injunction. Depending on the circumstances, the duration will usually be one to two years. However, in more extreme circumstances, it can last indefinitely.

If your injunction is about to end, don’t worry. You can apply to the court to get an extension. 

Policeman who is ready to arrest somebody who has breached an injunction

How much does an injunction cost?

The cost depends on the complexity, severity and type of injunction you’re applying for. However, to give you a rough idea of the price, an injunction will usually cost in the region of £4,000 – £8,000 + VAT.

To give you an accurate estimate for your specific injunction case, you will first need an untimed initial consultation with one of our experienced solicitors.

In the consultation, our solicitors guarantee the following:

  • Unlimited time to discuss your case and ask any questions you may have.
  • A clear outline of your legal standpoint and available options 
  • Upfront fee estimate for your case
One of Britton and Times litigation solicitors working on an injunction case