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Britton and Time is proudly regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our solicitors believe in offering no nonsense, common sense advice with up-front pricing. We do this through our 6-point service guarantee:


We will offer fixed fees where possible, and if not, we will state clearly what your case is estimated to cost, alongside hourly rate options so you can judge what works for you


We will inform you when we know there will be third party costs to be paid. If additional third party payments are required, we will always seek your approval first


We will let you know how long your case will take, what delays you can expect, and our solicitors will always reply to you in a timely manner


We bill every month, with detailed accounts of what you are being charged for. Our solicitors are happy to discuss if you have any questions about your bill.


Before work starts, we will tell you what work needs to be done to reach the best outcome for you, and what your options are once you reach that point


We never take on cases we do not feel we can do justice and if your case does not need a solicitor, we will tell you just that and advise you what your options are

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Guide: Probate Fees and Work

Probate services and the cost of probate can vary wildly between firms. At Britton and Time, our probate solicitors in Brighton and Hove are committed to giving you clear estimates of costs, telling you how long your case will last, and advising on what we are doing for you.

What can you expect from our probate solicitors?

Average Costs

A simple probate will cost in the region of £3,950 plus VAT. This is based on an estate valued at less than £325,000, consisting of standard assets (cash, a house and various personal possessions) with a small number of beneficiaries. Costs can increase with complexity and we don’t offer fixed fees for probate.

Hourly Rates

Our solicitors charge £200 to £300 per hour, plus VAT depending on the seniority of who is working on your probate. Our average costs represent the work involved across the 10+ months it normally takes to achieve a grant of probate and settle the estate.

Work Involved

The following list of work is typical of probates carried out by Britton and Time, and additional work that might be involved depending on your situation.

Before the Grant of Probate

  • Registering the death and arranging a funeral service
  • Identifying and valuing the estate and any liabilities
  • Locating all beneficiaries of the will
  • Ensuring the settlement of any outstanding taxes owed
  • Liaising with banks and any other creditors or debtors
  • Advising on inheritance tax liabilities
  • Calculating and arranging payment of inheritance tax
  • Drafting and submitting the inheritance tax return
  • Applying for the grant of probate
  • Advising on any tax implications relating to the sale of the deceased’s property
  • Organising the sale of any property and advising on any inheritance tax implications

After a grant of probate is obtained

  • Accessing and collecting in the estate’s financial assets
  • Paying any outstanding debts from the estate assets and managing pensions overpayments
  • Arranging a Deceased Estates notice
  • Distributing the estate in accordance with the will
  • Advising in relation to any trusts created in the will

Advising on more complex work

  • Negotiating and reaching settlements with HMRC
  • Advising beneficiaries of the estate on their personal tax position in light of the gifts made in the deceased’s will
  • Advising executors and beneficiaries in relation to contentious probate issues
  • Advice in relation to the application of Agricultural Property Relief and Business Property Relief
Factors Affecting Cost

No two probate cases are the same, and there are many factors that affect how much your case will cost.

Cost Variables Include

  • Doubts over the validity of the will, or when the deceased died without a will and the estate is complicated
  • Whether there is a valid, uncontested will and the executors named in the will are willing and able to act
  • The quality of financial records left by the deceased
  • If the deceased left a complicated will that included trusts
  • There are a significant number of beneficiaries, typically 10 or more, whether they can be found, and if any of the beneficiaries are charitable organisations
  • The estate holds overseas assets, including property or stocks and shares
  • There are business or agricultural assets in the estate
  • The estate contains intangible assets, including patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • There are assets that are bringing in regular income
  • The estate has significant assets bringing the estate value over the inheritance tax threshold (currently £325,000 as of March 2020)
  • The estate is bankrupt, or there are doubts over it being bankrupt
  • The residence and domicile of the deceased
  • The existence of trusts in relation to the estate, whether pre-existing or created under the will
  • Actions of third parties including the probate registry, HMRC, companies in which the deceased held interests and banks with which the deceased had accounts
  • Whether the executors would like to vary the will
Disbursements and Third Party Costs

These are costs that must be paid to other parties throughout probate. Our probate solicitors will advise on what disbursements you will need to pay. If any additional disbursements are required, we will always consult with you first.

Disbursements for Probate Include

  • The probate application fee of £155
  • Placing an advertisement in the London Gazette to protect against unexpected claims from unknown creditors (£70 – £285 plus VAT)
  • Copies of the grant of probate at £1.50 per copy. One copy is recommended per asset
  • Copies of Land Registry documents at £3 per copy
  • Bankruptcy checks on beneficiaries at £2 per beneficiary
  • Financial asset search and will search at £155 plus VAT
  • Inheritance tax and any other applicable taxes. These will vary depending on the size and the nature of the assets in the estate
How Long Will Probate Take?

A straightforward probate matter will take a minimum if 10 months for the grant of probate to be approved. More complicated cases, especially those with overseas assets, can 1-2 years or longer, depending again on how complex those assets are.

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