Breaking the law by beeping

We’re not quite sure if this car’s even got a horn…

Breaking the law by doing your make up

Impressed by how well she did her makeup in a moving vehicle? So are we!

2. Breaking the law by… making yourself beautiful – while driving

This one is mostly for the ladies and the odd gentleman or two, but aside from risking poking your eyes with a mascara brush, you’re actually breaking the law by applying makeup while at the wheel.

While the penalties for beautifying yourself on the morning commute aren’t quite as heavy as being caught on your phone, you do risk being prosecuted for driving without due care and attention.

And while you might be the best multi-tasker between here and Tesco Express, the potential 3 to 9 points on your licence and a hefty fine might be cause to think twice.

Breaking the law by watching tv

What’s she watching? Who knows, but we’re hoping she’s being lawful while doing so.

Breaking the law by funding a Nigerian prince

She should have just donated to Oxfam.

Breaking the law by having sex

Just because Adam and Eve did it in the garden doesn’t mean you can too.

Breaking the law by not cleaning up dog poo

Don’t blame the dog, its poo isn’t going to pick itself up.

Breaking the law by stealing a plastic bag

You won’t forget your plastic bag next time if you just wear it to the supermarket.

Breaking the law by cycling on a pavement

We’re less worried about the pavement cyclists and more worried about the two-abreasters plaguing single-track roads!

Breaking the law by bringing fruit and veg to the UK

Just cleverly arrange any fruit and veg you’ve got into a clever disguise and no one will be any the wiser.

Breaking the law by using your phone while driving

He’s got a satnav yet he still chooses to hold the phone to his head. Some criminals deserve to be caught more than others.