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5. Corpse in The Bedroom

This particular landlord in Bristol has solidly earned his place on this list of the most unbelievable landlord and tenant disputes. His property had no working toilets, no working sinks, a leaking roof and was full of mould. Those aren’t the end of the world – they can be fixed, right?

Well, yes. But there was also a decaying dead resident in one of the rooms.

The landlord is thought to have hidden his criminal activities under a mask of respectability. This specific landlord had supposedly set up a housing charity to help vulnerable tenants. Miraculously, after numerous claimed visits to the property from housing inspectors, still no one picked up on the fact there was a dead body decaying in one of the rooms for several weeks. The suffocating stench of raw sewage with the house successfully covered up the smell of the body for several weeks. It was only after suspicions were raised that the property was being used as a tax evasion front under the guise of a charity, that the landlord was rumbled.

The charity commission has opened up a legal enquiry against the landlord in this case and they are currently awaiting trial. 

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4. 31 People and 4 Beds

Overcrowding in rented houses can be common as it’s a way for landlords to squeeze more money out of their property as every head is another paying tenant. In a recent case, a landlord in Wembley took cramming in tenants to another level. The four-bed property was licensed to house seven people, but ended up as a home for a mere 31 people.

The living environment was forcing the tenants to sleep in shifts to ensure everyone had a bed to sleep in. The tenants even went to the extent of only applying for jobs that fit their sleeping shift hours. Therefore, the house became split between day workers and night workers. 

The house became so crammed that the tenants began expanding out of the house. One tenant was notably forced to sleep in a garden shed which had no electricity or heating. The landlord was making a considerable profit out of this house as he was charging each fortunate tenant £65 a bed a week. Shockingly, the landlord was making an estimated £112k a year on the back of this house alone. 

Inevitably, the landlord was finally taken to court for what he was doing and fined a total of £250k alongside a confiscation order. A confiscation order is an act of taking or seizing someone’s property with authority.

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2. My House is a Drug Den

For a respectable landlord, there is nothing worse than knowing your prized property is now a well-known drug den. In this specific case in Newcastle, the landlord couldn’t believe his lousy luck when finding out what his tenant was doing in his house. The tenant of the property became well-known in the local areas for his criminal behaviour. The neighbours reported feeling as though they were living in hell. The drug den a few doors down was bringing an array of unwanted individuals to the neighbourhood.

The landlord filed numerous complaints to the police but could not get the nightmare tenant out for months. He needed to put together evidence against the tenant. Once he had the evidence, the tenant didn’t have a leg to stand and was evicted.

Following the final eviction of the tenant, the street put together a celebration party to celebrate feeling safe in their homes again.


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