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Couples who do not make wills risk their belongings falling intestate or, worse still, unnecessarily attracting inheritance tax. If you have not married or entered into a civil partnership, your partner or children may not be provided for if you have not created a will. Our will solicitors in Brighton and Hove can draft mirror wills to protect your wishes.

Who Should Make Mirror Wills?

Our will solicitors commonly draft mirror wills for married couples, those in civil partnerships, couples that are living together but not married and siblings or close friends who have no one else to leave their estates to. Typically, mirror wills leave everything to the surviving partner or person, or if they also pass away:

  • Leave everything to your children, if any, in case you both pass away at the same time
  • Leave everything to close family members, common friends, or other common beneficiaries
  • Leave everything to a charity

Married couples will normally use mirror wills to benefit from a cumulative nil rate band for inheritance tax, which can be passed on to the surviving spouse. This means their joint estates can be worth up to £650,000 before any inheritance tax is incurred.

And mirror wills are particularly useful for couples who are not married as if one passes away without a will, their estate is distributed in line with the intestacy rules meaning their estate may not be distributed according to their wishes. For example, if your house was owned in your partner’s name, it would be passed down to their family rather than you if they die intestate.

When Are Mirror Wills Not Appropriate?

Mirror wills aren’t suitable if one person has been married previously and has children from that marriage as you and your partner are unlikely to both want to provide for those children. Such arrangements may also mean that there is property owned in one person’s name, and that they would wish to leave that property, or an interest in the property to the children from their previous marriage, rather than current spouse. This would not apply to the will of the current spouse as they are not a named owner of that property. In this situation, our will solicitors would advise writing individual wills.

How Can Mirror Wills Differ?

Not everything in mirror wills needs to be the same. Couples will likely own different possessions and want to treat them differently, may support various causes and charities, and may have contrasting burial wishes. Where gifts are left to siblings, our will solicitors always advise to name the beneficiaries, as otherwise you may end up leaving a possession to a brother or sister when you don’t have one.

How do Mirror Wills and Mutual Wills Differ? 

Mirror wills are not permanent and if one person passes away, the other can make changes to their will and alter the beneficiaries of their estate. Mutual wills are prepared on the provision they cannot be revoked and have clauses preventing future changes.

How Much Do Mirror Wills Cost? 

Britton and Time’s will solicitors offer mirror wills starting from £600 plus VAT for two wills. As part of our wills service, we are happy to be named as executors or witness your will signature, offer free storage for wills at our offices in Hove, and can register your wills for free with the National Will Register so they can always be found.

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