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About Joseph Navas.


Achieving positive outcomes for my clients is at the heart of the service I look to provide. The key to this is honesty. I firmly believe that if the firm can’t help a prospective client or if a solicitor is not needed or proportionate in their situation, I won’t hesitate to tell them that. However, if their position does call for a solicitor, I will always be transparent in their chances of success. I will advise them of the risks but present their case with tenacity and logic.

When people look to a solicitor, it is more than likely that they are vulnerable or need assistance with a material decision in their personal or professional life. As a result, it is imperative that they can rely upon their solicitor.


After completing my training contract at a local firm and gaining a wealth of experience, I moved to a London firm giving me experience in the corporate world. I cannot emphasise how important it was for my own professional development to have exposure to corporate clients and the technicality of the law.

Moving then to Britton and Time Solicitors, I noticed how many local solicitors failed to use the law to their advantage. The legal system can be considered a finely tuned instrument and, to achieve the best results for your client, you must know how to use each of the tools available.

Training and practising with pragmatic solicitors has given me the insight that the manner in which you present your case can be more important than the facts of the case. I chose Britton and Time Solicitors so I could work and collaborate with like-minded solicitors in a practice that provides a professional, top-tier service to each client.


Joseph graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2015 and the University of Law in 2016. He was admitted as a solicitor in 2018.

Since qualification, Joseph has had exposure to various practice areas, including contract disputes, professional negligence, high net worth contentious probates, criminal law, divorce and financial disputes and employment law.

Joseph’s legal areas.






Notable cases.


Joseph acted in a seven-figure fraud dispute, which arose from the abuse of position by a director of a company. He acted for the claimant who achieved a fantastic result in a successful private prosecution.

In the same year, Joseph also acted in relation to a contentious probate dispute, seeking the removal of the executrix of an Estate who had breaching self-dealing rules and unfairly benefited to the detriment of the other beneficiaries.


Whilst practising pensions law, Joseph advised on the administration of schemes and acted on various contentious matters. Notable cases included acting for the trustees of large pension schemes successfully defending ultra vires allegations made by beneficiaries.

Joseph also provided advice in relation to the seizing of pension assets following criminal conviction.


Joseph acted for a client in a professional negligence matter against the client’s former solicitor, who failed to advise on the options available to the client concerning an application for injunctive relief. He resolved the issue quickly and at minimal cost to the client, recovering a large portion of the monies paid to the solicitors.

2020 also involved Joseph acting in two bitter divorces involving allegations of financial misconduct and multi-jurisdiction assets, achieving positive results in both. In one of the cases, Joseph successfully recovered his client’s costs, something which is rarely done in financial proceedings.


Joseph’s work in 2021 included multiple TOLATA claims, whereby he brought claims against individuals seeking to deny his clients’ interest in residential properties. Joseph helped his clients obtain positive results, successfully obtaining declarations from the court in the terms sought and recovering costs for his clients on an indemnity basis. He also successfully defended high-value construction disputes in an adjudication process both on points of strict interpretation and by undermining the basis upon which the referral was made.

Joseph also successful in helping a client defend a private prosecution brought by an animal charity in respect of a series of charges relating to animal welfare and licencing.


In 2022, Joseph took on a range of different disputes, beginning in January with the successful defence of a six-figure unfair dismissal case. He also acted in the successful defence of a sexual assault claim.

Joseph also successfully defended a series of claims brought by the liquidators of companies in respect of claims that the former directors had acted unlawfully and, on the other side of litigation, he achieved positive results for two clients on professional negligence claims against former solicitors who had failed to advise properly in the purchase of residential properties.

In August, he negotiated a settlement of a contentious probate dispute, which ended with his client achieving a result over 100x better than she had been awarded under a will and he continues to act in a high court construction dispute with various elements of insolvency and personal liability of the company director.


Ongoing work for 2023 includes a seven-figure intellectual property dispute relating to confidential information and conspiracy by unlawful means. Joseph is also acting in the defence of a claim heard in the High Court which has seen him successfully defend several applications for a money debt, defend applications for non-molestation orders and provide advocacy in the Magistrates Court in relation to allegations of actual bodily harm.

Reviews of Joseph.

"Highly skilled and genuine"

After having issues with my tenancy agreement I received clear and easily accessible advice from Joesph Navas. As a result, I was able to reach an agreement with my tenancy which has made me much. I would not have been able to do this without him and I would highly recommend him.

Geannette Gibbs

"Great firm!"

Great to work with, if I ever need a solicitor in the future I’ll definitely be coming back. Ask for Joseph Navas if you can, they’re amazing! I had a great experience with the firm, I was so nervous coming into the office but everyone was super kind.

Tia Isabella Rio Lorenzo

"Highly recommend"

I received very helpful advice from Joseph Navas in regards to my tenancy dispute. I would highly recommend Britton & Time in the future.

Matt Surridge

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