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About Rebecca McLean.


Whether my client is an employee or an employer, I take an empathetic approach to their matter and always aim to consider a case from their perspective. Achieving my client’s desired outcome is my priority, and I work hard to ensure they get the best result. 

As a trusted advisor, I am adept at supporting my clients whilst they navigate challenging workplace situations and changes. I aim to provide practical, fair, and strategic legal advice.  

Training and Experience.

Rebecca holds a BA degree in Philosophy from Durham University and completed the LPC at the University of Law (London Bloomsbury).  

She chose to study Philosophy because she enjoys developing an argument and understanding the different sides of an issue, whilst simultaneously considering the positives and negative aspects of a position. Her natural passion for developing arguments led her into a career in law. 

Rebecca qualified in October 2019 after completing her training contract at a top city law firm, where she gained experience in employment, commercial real estate and licensing, education, social housing, finance, and enterprises law. Prior to her training contract, she also gained experience as a paralegal in both commercial and international law firms in the areas of employment, corporate and regulatory law. 

With experience representing both the employer and employee, Rebecca has a well-rounded and holistic viewpoint, with strong litigation techniques. Rebecca has supported clients across all stages of the Tribunal process, from issuing a claim to the final hearing. She can also provide practical and strategic legal advice on many employment-related issues. 

Throughout her career, Rebecca has helped to achieve positive outcomes for her clients, gaining several positive tribunal hearing outcomes where all claims have failed or been struck out.  

Rebecca doesn’t shy away from contentious litigation, but she also has a wealth of experience negotiating favourable settlements for her clients who wish to avoid court.  

Britton and Time welcomed Rebecca in April 2024, where she practices as an employment law solicitor and advisor.

Rebecca’s legal areas.

Employment Litigation

Employment Advisory

Notable cases.


Assisted on a global employment litigation case involving bonus disputes for a banker borne out of the Global Financial crash. This matter involved representing a large financial client, where litigation was brought in multiple jurisdictions.

Assisted a large technology company on a global redundancy project, which included the coordination of legal advice in different legal jurisdictions.


Assisted senior executives in securing favourable sexual harassment and sex discrimination settlements.

Represented an employer in litigation over their ex-employees breaching restrictive covenants by launching a competitor business. A large disclosure exercise was carried out along with extensive evidence analysis.

Advised on non-contentious employer matters, including unfair dismissal, employee/worker status, indirect and direct sex discrimination, race discrimination, data protection, maternity issues, and sexual harassment.


Advised schools in relation to their compliance with the statutory policies and other applicable laws relevant to the education sector, including employment law, and data protection law. Rebecca demonstrated her ability to think strategically and see legal issues in their wider context and advise accordingly.

Worked with a headteacher experiencing abusive behaviour from a parent who was negatively impacting the school. Rebecca led on this matter, drafting the notice letter to the parent informing her that if she did not improve her behaviour, then she could no longer access the school site. She also advised on the subsequent responses received from the parent and supported the headteacher throughout the stressful time. The headteacher was incredibly grateful for Rebecca’s client care and the pragmatic legal advice given, and she appreciated that Rebeca helped her get control of a challenging situation.


Rebecca gained some post-qualification experience working in commercial law, assisting clients on their commercial issues, such as regeneration projects.

Assisted in securing settlement agreements for various employees who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. This reignited Rebecca’s interest and passion for employment law and reaffirmed Rebecca’s commitment to transition from commercial law into employment law.


Successfully applied and secured the strike out of many employment claims lacking reasonable prospects, including unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, disability discrimination, and failure to make reasonable adjustments.


Rebecca worked on a niche and high-profile area of law relating to the defence of specialist pensions litigation borne out of the O’Brien & Miller litigation. This involved the judiciary bringing claims for part-time worker discrimination and other monetary-related claims, including complex arguments and worker type arguments concerning obtaining benefits that full-time salaried judges have.

Provided advice, sometimes very niche, to clients wanting to ensure they are acting lawfully before taking any action.

At various stages of employment law issues, whether pre-claim or post-claim, Rebecca achieved multiple favourable pre-litigation settlements resolving hostile exit issues amicably.


Rebecca led and coordinated the successful defence of a multi-party case involving 30-40 clients claiming part-time worker discrimination in relation to their pensions. The claim was brought by a group of salaried judges under the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000. She represented the employer from the receipt of the claim, all the way to the Final Hearing at the Employment Tribunal. Due to the multiple claimants, three claimants were used as test claimants in this case. A key component to winning the case was coordinating the drafting of a 70-page witness statement. The judgement ruled in favour of the employer, who avoided significant remedial costs. (Mr T Clayson and others v Ministry of Justice and Lord Chancellor)

Successful defence on behalf of the respondent for various employment tribunal claims for unfair dismissal and unlawful deductions of wages. Although delay tactics were used by way of data subject access requests and postponement of the final hearing, Rebecca was proactive in successfully challenging the claim in her client’s favour.

In a constructive dismissal case where the claimant made approx 20 allegations against her immediate line manager and team manager, Rebecca ensured both witness statements were prepared well to deal with all allegations, and that both witnesses were ready for cross-examination at the hearing. All claims failed, and the Judge believed the employer’s version of events for each allegation made. (Ms M Begum v The Ministry Of Justice; Ms D Jennings v Ministry of Justice)


Rebecca has advised multiple employee clients on their employment rights, especially in relation to unfair dismissal, discrimination, and breach of contract. She is representing clients in their employment tribunal claims, including where settlements or alternative methods such as mediation, are being pursued.

She has advised employer clients on their approach to dismissing employees legally so as to avoid any potential employment tribunal claims. She has also assisted on other advisory matters, including drafting employment contracts.

Rebecca was part of the legal team that advised the Department for Education, where she provided legal advice on the statutory attendance guidance, ‘Working Together to Improve School Attendance’ coming into force in August 2024. This involved reviewing the non-statutory guidance to consider which parts were legally compliant and advising on the parts that needed to be amended to comply with relevant legislation. During her tenure, she also provided advice on other high-profile guidance, including taking the lead and working on the update to the ‘Use of Reasonable force’ guidance which is due to be published in 2025.

Areas of expertise.

  • Employment litigation
  • Employment advisory
  • Education Law

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