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If you’re adopting or want a woman to carry a child for you, you need Britton and Time Solicitors.

Having a child through a surrogate is a wonderful, life-changing event, but there are a number of legal issues to consider. Firstly, to have a child through a surrogate there are a lot of conditions you need to meet before you can get a parental order from the court.

If you do not have a parental order, you do not have legal rights over the child, so getting this right really couldn’t be more important.

We know how much this process means to you, so we will use all our experience and expertise to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible

If your surrogacy involves a child from abroad, we can help bring them to the UK as quickly as possible and handle any immigration, nationality and UK passport applications.

We work with couples from all backgrounds and walks of life, so whether you are married, in a civil partnership or unmarried, we can help.

A child from an international surrogate will often have no claim to British nationality. This means there are steps you have to take before you can bring your child home. We can take you through all of this, both here and in the country where your child is born, and be with you at every stage of the way.

Can I adopt a child?

You can be married, in a civil partnership or unmarried to adopt. Normally, you (or one of you, if you are a couple), must have lived in part of the British Isles for at least a year and be at least 21 years old.

The child must live with you for a while before you can make an application for an adoption order. These time periods vary depending on your situation:


  • Children placed for adoption by local authorities – 10 weeks

  • Step-parent adoptions – 6 months

  • Local authority foster carers – 1 year

  • Children brought into the UK to be adopted – 6 months (if the regulations have been stuck to, or 1 year if they haven’t)

  • Everyone else – at least 3 years out of the 5 years before the application (the three years don’t have to be continuous)

If the parent(s) or guardian of the child do not agree to the adoption, an order can only be made if the court dispenses with their consent, this happens if the parent or guardian cannot be found, they are incapable of giving consent, or the child’s welfare requires it.

For international adoptions, anyone who lives in the British Isles must be assessed as an adoptive parent before bringing a child into the UK for adoption.

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