Financial disputes

Talking about money is never easy or comfortable, but if you have wrongly been denied money or assets that should be yours, we can help.

When we can help you settle this without a court, we will – for the sake of both your peace of mind and your finances. But if your case has to go to court, be in no doubt that we will fight your corner unerringly.

Where families are involved we always aim to resolve financial disputes in a non-confrontational matter, as we appreciate that tensions and emotions can run particularly high in such cases.

Thanks to our 40 years of experience there’s no situation that we can’t handle, so if you are arguing about money and you need help getting the right result, contact Britton & Time Solicitors today.

We aim to encourage and support families to work out a financial settlement between themselves, without having to seek a Financial Order from the court.

Beyond that, we help our clients to find workable, long term solutions to resolving financial disputes, by encouraging round-table negotiations and mediation, both of which Britton & Time is highly experienced at organising and facilitating.

As well as family-related financial disputes, we also act on behalf of both individuals and corporate entities making claims against banks and other investment bodies for negligence and breach of contract, with particular experience in investor and mis-selling claims, fraud related disputes and misrepresentations – often involving a wide range of complex financial products.

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