Violent offences

These differ vastly in severity, but the impact all violent offences have on those they effect can be life-changing.


Whatever the offence, Britton and Time Solicitors fully comprehends the stress criminal proceedings can bring on those they are brought against, which is why we prepare both the cases and our clients with the greatest of care and precision, and defend them with ardent ferocity.

Even the most minor of allegations can have devastating consequences, which is why we will always act with the utmost diligence in such cases.

An in-depth analysis and scrutiny of all evidence, first-class advocacy services in both the Magistrate’s Court and Crown Court, and expert advice on all matters ancillary to any prosecution are but some of our expertise.

Where necessary the provision of quality expert witnesses to assist with the presentation of forensic and medical evidence is par for the course for our vastly experienced team, who are also able to conduct negotiated settlements with prosecuting authorities where appropriate, as well as offer advice on prospective appeals.


  • Drunk and disorderly (under other public order act offences)
  • Offences against a person
  • Actual bodily harm (ABH)
  • Grievous bodily harm (GBH)

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