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Our solicitors operate in a range of legal areas.

What legal areas does Britton and Time Solicitors operate in?

Once I have explained what a solicitor is and what we do, the conversation then proceeds to what areas of law Britton and Time Solicitors undertakes. As a firm we have a wide range of skills which allow us to be a truly multi-legal law firm and undertake a variety of work. These include:

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Criminal Defence Litigation
Employment Disputes
Family Law
Landlord and Tenant Matters
Wills, Trusts and Probate

Within these areas of law are more specialist and specific types of legal work, all of which can be found on our website.



Landlord & Tenant Advice


Civil Litigation






Criminal Litigation




Employment Disputes


Wills & Probate

What is a solicitor?

With the advent of the gig economy and increasing numbers of young entrepreneurs, a good place for me to start would be to explain what exactly makes someone a solicitor, what a solicitor does and why someone may need a solicitor early in a legal matter.

Often, when I am attending networking events and seminars with new, enthusiastic entrepreneurs, I get asked what a solicitor is and sometimes what the difference is between a lawyer and a solicitor. The simple answer is a lawyer usually refers to a legal person. It can be anyone who works in the legal profession from a paralegal, legal secretary, trainee solicitor, to a solicitor or barrister. The term is a broad categorisation of professionals who work in the legal sector.

In contrast, when someone announces that they are a solicitor, it means that they have undergone rigorous training to become enrolled with in the Register of Solicitors in England and Wales.

Solicitors undertake a variety of work, some contentious (argumentative) such as employment disputes, family disputes including divorce, financial and child arrangements, as well as breaches of contract, debt collection, criminal defence and property possession proceedings. Other solicitors will deal with non-contentious work such as conveyancing (buying and selling property), drafting wills or powers of attorney, mergers and acquisitions, immigration, tenant advice and other similar work that is non-adversarial/confrontational.

To become a qualified solicitor an individual must first complete a qualifying law degree which takes 3 to 4 years. To be a qualifying law degree it must have included the following areas of law;

  • Constitutional and Administrative Law.
  • The Law of Contract.
  • Criminal Law.
  • Equity and Trusts.
  • EU Law.
  • Land Law (Property Law)
  • Law of Torts.

On completion of the law degree there is a requirement to attend a law school such as The University of Law or BPP. This stage of the academic process will normally take 1 or 2 years and training will vary depending on the individual student.

Once the academic stage is completed, there is then the vocational stage which involves a training period in a law firm for two further years. Only on completion of the academic stages and the 2 years of employment will someone be able to apply to enrol as a solicitor and entered onto the Register of Solicitors.

Why should someone choose Britton and Time Solicitors when they are looking for a Solicitor?

It is always more difficult to explain to a new client who has never used legal services before why they should use Britton and Time Solicitors. I tend to break this question down into three categories:

  1. Certainty – it is very easy to simply Google ‘solicitors near me’ and be lured in by ‘cowboy’ legal firms who promise everything but deliver nothing. Our firm prides itself on being utterly transparent. We never hide any fees or costs. Everything will be explained in a client care letter. When we price on a fixed-fee we take extra care to explain what is included in that fixed-fee and if a matter might cost more. We will never inflate charges, and equally will not underestimate charges to simply lure clients in, nor will we charge clients when they have not been told in advanced how much a particular service will cost or is likely to cost.
  2. Peace of mind – our two locations in London and Brighton offer easy access to our current and prospective clients and we encourage them to visit if convenient. Crucially, the two locations also give our clients greater access to a wider variety of courts in the South and South East. Our solicitors and team take care of all the administration, interparty correspondence and legal work. We are always available on the telephone and by email when clients want to get hold of their solicitor. Each client has a designated solicitor who they can talk to and are not passed off to junior members of the team.
  3. Knowledge is power – our initial consultations are always fixed at £108 including VAT. You can ask however many questions to give you a full understanding of your case, and even if you choose not to instruct us, you’ll have a clear idea of what you need to do next to progress your matter. All consultations are completely confidential and you are under no obligation to instruct Britton and Time Solicitors.

If you are looking for a solicitor and considering your options, then Britton and Time Solicitors would be happy to hear from you. To book a consultation please contact us on the contact page or call (01273) 726951.

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