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What is a contract dispute?

A contract dispute occurs when the parties involved in a contract disagree. The seriousness of the disagreement is what determines how complicated the issue is and how much time it will take to remedy. Contracts come in all shapes and forms and don’t necessarily have to be written. Verbal contracts are just as valid.

Contract disputes arise for many reasons, but the most common causes are:

  • Both parties have interpreted their obligations differently
  • One party has failed to keep up their side of the contract, for example they have not paid for goods or a service, or have not fulfilled goods or a service
  • The quality of the goods or service provided are below expectation
  • Disagreements over ‘express’ and ‘implied’ terms of the contract
  • The liabilities of each party within the contract in the event something has gone wrong
  • Ambiguity over clauses within the contract, such as exclusivity clauses or performance clauses

Less commonly, disputes can come about because:

  • One party has misrepresented themselves or committed fraud
  • There is confusion over whether the contract has been offered and accepted
How can I resolve a contract dispute?

This depends entirely on what you want to achieve from litigation. Some businesses simply want the terms of their contract fulfilled to preserve a working relationship, while others will want to be re-imbursed or enforce punitive measures on the other side.

Every matter is different and you will need to weigh up what’s important to you and your business before taking action.

Realistically, how you can resolve a contract dispute depends on the nature of the breach of the contract terms, what the terms themselves say and what evidence you have to support it.

If in doubt of how to resolve or move forward with your contract dispute, it’s always best to seek legal advice.

How much will it cost to resolve a contract dispute?

Each case is different, which is why we offer an untimed initial consultation priced at £108 including VAT at which stage your solicitor will offer an estimate of:

  • How long they expect it will take to achieve your desired outcome
  • How much you can expect to pay
  • The work that is involved, for example drafting and sending a letter before action, going through mediation or filing the case at court

Should you choose to instruct our firm, we will write to you confirming our fee estimate.

If your case needs to be referred to a court, there may be additional administration fees (printing, bundle assembly and postage), as well as any relevant court fees payable to the court.

Should your matter be settled after a letter before action is sent, it may cost as little as £400 plus VAT. However, a dispute that proceeds to court could cost in excess of £10,000 plus VAT.

How long does it normally take to resolve a contract dispute?

Again, this will depend on the complexity of your matter. For extremely simple cases that settle after a letter before action is sent, this could be as short as 1-2 weeks.

For cases that proceed to the County or High Court, this will depend on the court’s availability and could be anything from 6 months to 2 years from start to end.

Key stages involved in a contract dispute

Depending on your matter, a typical case would involve:

  1. Initial consultation to understand your matter
  2. Review of the terms of the contract and calculating any losses
  3. Advising on the contract, the breaches, your dispute and evidence needed regarding your claim
  4. Drafting and sending a letter before action to the other side outlining your claim and position
  5. Dealing with the response, if any
  6. Drafting and finalising your particulars of claim
  7. Issuing your claim at the court
  8. Dealing with the defence from the other side
  9. Progressing through the standard litigation court process
  10. Settling the claim out of court or going to trial if no settlement can be reached
  11. Enforcing the judgement if it’s in your favour or appealing any decision if unsuccessful, if there is reason to believe this would be successful

Not not every case will go through all of these stages. Many cases will be resolved after stage 4 if the evidence is compelling and the breach is clear.

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6 Reasons to Choose Britton and Time’s…

Contract Dispute Solicitors

Britton and Time is proudly regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and our solicitors believe in offering no nonsense, common sense advice with up-front pricing. We do this through our 6-point service guarantee:


We will offer fixed fees where possible, and if not, we will state clearly what your case is estimated to cost, alongside hourly rate options so you can judge what works for you


We will inform you when we know there will be third party costs to be paid. If additional third party payments are required, we will always seek your approval first


We will let you know how long your case will take, what delays you can expect, and our solicitors will always reply to you in a timely manner


We bill every month, with detailed accounts of what you are being charged for. Our solicitors are happy to discuss if you have any questions about your bill.


Before work starts, we will tell you what work needs to be done to reach the best outcome for you, and what your options are once you reach that point


We never take on cases we do not feel we can do justice and if your case does not need a solicitor, we will tell you just that and advise you what your options are

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