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What is a commercial agreement?
A commercial agreement is a broad term for any document or contract that covers a relationship between two businesses. They set out each side’s obligations, how the agreement can be terminated, and what to do in the event either side can’t perform their duties. Commercial agreements can be verbal, written or even implied formally or informally.

While verbal agreements may be quicker to agree, if anything goes wrong further down the line, it can be extremely difficult to prove that such an agreement existed in the first place.

Commercial agreements will typically cover things like services provided by one business to another, the sale of goods between companies, or even the quality of goods or services.

More complex agreements would cover areas such as joint ventures, or the outsourcing of work.

What does drafting or reviewing a commercial agreement involve?
What a commercial agreement involves depends on what type of agreement your company needs. We would always invite clients to attend an initial consultation, to understand you want your commercial agreement to include.

We will always provide you with a draft of your bespoke agreement or contract, and work with you to ensure your business’ specific requirements are met.

If you have received a commercial contract or agreement and need it reviewed, we can help. Again, we would need a consultation to understand the reasons for the agreement’s existence, after which we would review the document and advise you of any risks or amendments.

How much will it cost to draft or review a commercial agreement?
The cost of a commercial agreement is reflected directly by the length of time it takes our solicitors to create the document. Simpler documents will require less time and subsequently cost less.

As a basic guide, the simplest of documents, such as a basic contract of sale will cost anything from £300-£600. More complicated documents involving indemnities, guarantees, non-compete clauses and other, more specific clauses, will cost more.

How long does it normally take to draft or review a commercial agreement?
Each commercial agreement is different, as is the time it takes to draft or review them.

A straightforward contract of sale for a small shop won’t entail as much work as a joint venture between two separate companies, for example.

We offer untimed initial consultations, allowing you to advise of exactly how much detail you want the commercial agreement to go into, ensuring the first draft is as correct as can be.

Simple contracts or agreements can be drafted in as little as 1 to 2 weeks. For the most complicated cases, this can take 4-8 weeks or longer, depending on the objective and protections required.

Key stages involved in drafting or reviewing a commercial agreement
Depending on your matter, typical drafting of a commercial agreement will involve:

  1. Initial consultation to understand the details of the agreement you want
  2. Outlining any specific clauses that you would like added
  3. Drafting the terms and conditions of the agreement
  4. Making any adjustments to the agreement to cover risks
  5. Sending the agreement to the other parties and responding on your behalf
  6. If needed, negotiating the agreement with other parties
  7. Finalising the agreement, ready to be signed

Depending on your matter, a typical reviewing of a commercial agreement will involve:

  1. Initial consultation to understand the details of what you seek from the agreement
  2. Outlining any potential implications for the company from the current agreement
  3. Negotiating on any undesirable terms and conditions in the agreement on your behalf
  4. Making any adjustments to the agreement to cover potential risks

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