What is a mesher order?

A Mesher Order, also sometimes known as an ‘order for deferred sale’, is an order for the family home to remain in the couple’s joint names until a specific trigger event happens. This type of order is applicable at a divorce’s financial settlement stage.

When the trigger event occurs, the couple will sell the property, and the proceeds will be divided.

What are trigger events?

A mesher order will only be active until the trigger event specified in the order happens. 

Examples of the events that trigger the end date of a mesher order are as follows:

  • When children leave home. 
  • The youngest child of the marriage reaching 18.
  • The death of the occupying party.
  • The remarriage of the occupying party.
  • The cohabitation of the occupying party.
One of our divorce solicitors working on producing a mesher order