man with multiple personality disorder

5. The Other ‘Me’ Sent the Payment

Mental health is no laughing matter, but this individual decided it would make the perfect excuse. They claimed that another version of them had made the payment, and therefore they had paid on time. However, they also neglected to mention that their condition had never been diagnosed. Unless you have a validated medical documentation acknowledging a multiple personality disorder, creativity is not going to do much good regarding escaping an unpaid debt. 

man trying to sell kidney

4. I’m Waiting For Someone To Buy My Kidney

If you’re finding it difficult to sell a kidney, perhaps you could try Facebook Marketplace?

As humorous as this excuse is to an outsider, debt collection isn’t a laughing matter in the eyes of the law. Bills are bills, and the avoidance of them will put you at a significant disadvantage in the future and expose you to legal investigation.

And a poor credit score.

Postbox where postman stole stamps debt collection solicitors in Brighton
man with a leg injury cant pay his debt

2. Broke Both My Legs So I Couldn’t Post The Cheque

Our debt collection solicitors hope for a speedy recovery for this person if they really did break both legs. However, this doesn’t affect somebody’s capability to send a cheque as they could easily have asked a friend or family member to deliver it for them. 

If getting a friend or family member to deliver a letter is not an option; there are other options available. We live in an era where online bank transfers are universal. So, it’s easy to make the payment from the comfort of your home. 

Debtor is dead debt collection solicitors